Successful Candidate Register

Successful Candidate Register lists candidates who have passed examinations through an Education Development Foundation Accredited Training Organization, or an Education Development Foundation Open Centre. Please note candidates can choose if they wish to appear on this list.

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Searching by Name

Please enter your Name or Candidate/Session ID in the boxes and click “Search”. You can search using just a surname. Select a sort option for multiple matches by using the column headers. You can also search using a “wildcard” which for the purpose of this query is a percentage sign – %


If % is added to the front or end of any text in the surname fields, the programme will now find all matches (ie if you search for %smith% you will find Curruthers-Smith as well as Smith L and Smithson. Similarly, if you search for Helen% you will find Helenna and Helen L). If you don’t include the wildcard character, the programme will search for exactly the text entered.

Note to Employers

Education Development Foundation can confirm the address of a successful candidate if requested, in order to verify identity. Should you require verification on any information, please contact us and supply the following details:

  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate/Session ID
  • Candidate Address.

The cost per verification requested is £20.
Due to the Data Protection Act we cannot provide you with that information, we can only verify it.

* Please note that whilst Education Development Foundation make every effort to ensure this register is up to date, there may be a delay between learning your result and it being shown in the register.