Our objective is to make professional and management education opportunities and options available, accessible and affordable to all learners to benefit from an enhanced and effective learning experience.


Our objective is to ensure that key management and professional skills and competencies are developed in learners through effective tools, techniques, methods, practical exposure and knowledge of best practices thereby making them informed and competent.


Our objective is to enable and encourage learners to make a positive difference in both their personal and professional lives by applying the knowledge, competencies and skills gained for a positive outcome and better future.

Education Development Foundation is one of the leading awarding institution for professional skills development courses. Accredits organizations to deliver professional skills development training courses and consultancy services for a broad range of professional certification programmes.

Welcome To EDF

Welcome To EDF

Education Development Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organisation in England and Wales and governed by eminent Education and Management professionals with many decades of international experience. As an awarding body, we issue certificates, diplomas or titles for professional qualifications formally recognise the learning outcomes(knowledge, skills and competencies) of individuals, following an assessment and validation process. We provide opportunities and make options available for learners to gain personal and professional excellence through variety of certification programmes. Our ethos and rationale is EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN AND EMPOWER. Our programmes are developed by a team of experts that understands the practical requirements of the gloablised environment of the 21st Century as well as the standards for UK and European Frameworks for educational qualifications.

For whom

For whom

This Certification Programme caters for both individual’s personal development and professional enhancement for all professionals so each programme is purposely designed to meet specific needs and requirements of the learner.

Each programme intends to develop skills and knowledge helping individuals in their respective profession, career progression or simply self-transformation.

This Certification programme consists of PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (PDP) and CONTINOUS ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMME (CEP) which offers excellent opportunity for Management Studies and Professional Education leading to professional qualifications and certification from the UK.


Become a distinguished professional and Enhance your capabilities and employability skills
Be recognised by employers as a competent professional
Make a valuable contribution to your organisation
Become a professional member to gain access to online resources, events and webinars for ongoing professional development